• Dan Martin

    jazz, dudes with swords, double fisting a whiskey and a paintbrush, magic powers, pipe tobacco, photoshop and wacom pads, reddit, dungeons and dragons, self medication, baseball, opera, girls in tights, cappuccinos. :-D

  • Kyle Reeves

    By trade, I'm a tech nerd, that means I know some things about computers that are often completely boring things, things that are totally not Bad Ass. Luckily I'm into some fun, Bad Ass things as well, particularly Hip Hop and Electro music and a dash of photography. I live in Reno, Nevada with my Bad Ass brother and two Bad Ass cats who I've lovingly named "Kodo" and "Ke$ha". If I had an at-bat song, it would be Kid Rock's "Cowboy." That song is Bad Ass.

  • Lord Seer

    I like classic science fiction, horror films, arcade gaming, heavy metal, comics, cartoons and other assorted nerd bait. I'm also a big NFL fan (Go Seahawks). I live in a little apartment in Seattle with my brother, my girlfriend, a cat and a pug.

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