About Us

Its official, Bruh Bruh has arrived.  It all started when I lost my job because I was too good at scouring the internet — those deep, dark recesses of the internet.  You know the place; you’ve seen it once.  It’s where all the good stuff lives.

Jobless with a ton of time on my hands, I did the only thing I knew how…I scoured the internet. I figured the world would be a cold place without my ability to find obscure music and cat gifs, EVERYONE MUST KNOW!

Thus Bruh Bruh was born. I’ve got a few friends helping me, and we’re going to bring you the best new music the internet has to offer, the best video game news and reviews you’ll read anywhere and of course anything else we find interesting.  The internet is a cold mistress, but we’ll brave those waters to bring the hottest content to the surface.

Thank you,



Disclaimer:  We probably don’t own any of the media you see here (other than of course, the writing, which belongs only to the author, and not a reflection of the opinions of Bruh Bruh) if any media you see here belongs to you, and you don’t wish it to be displayed here, please email Krytos@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to take it down.

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