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Hail the Destroyer

This is a new(ish) video for DC grinders Pig Destroyer off of their latest album Book Burner, which just came out in late October and is their first album since 07. I like the song, but I honestly love how crazy psychedelic and weird this video is. It definitely has a 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe with the whole space monkey thing. It’s a welcome change from the live footage compilation or “playing in an abandoned warehouse” music video that 99 percent of the genre seems to churn out. But then again, PxDx (I dunno, its how they choose to abbreviate their name) have always been outside of the box in terms of ideas.

Over the last decade or so these guys have really managed to cement themselves as one of the go-to metal bands, despite the fact that they only release albums once ever four or five years and barely ever play live tour dates. But I think that might only add to their mythos and popularity. I myself was lucky enough to catch them live in Seattle a few months ago (They were truly a bucket list band for me) and Holyyyyyy Sheeeeeeet!, they blew the walls off El Corazón. People were losing their minds in the pit and I think EVERYONE was stage diving. They brought a viciousness to the stage that so many bands try and fail to do.

In my humble opinion, Pig Destroyer have become one of the few bands to sort of “transcend” their more limited genres of grindcore or death metal as they are able to incorporate ideas from a huge variety of other genres, both metal and non-metal. This has allowed them bring in new legions of fans over the years, while staying as one of those bands that even the most cynical and elitist metalhead respects and reveres. This is an amazingly hard thing to do in a genre that sees so many styles come and go and has so many fans that are hell bent on proving their “metal cred” or whatever by just hating on most everything that normal people like.

Anyhow, if you dig this be sure check out Book Burner or their last few efforts: Phantom Limb, Terrifyer or Prowler in the Yard and, as always, thanks for reading.



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